20 Best Flexibility Yoga Poses | Yoga Poses for flexibility

Flexibility Yoga Poses

INTRODUCTION OF FLEXIBILITY YOGA POSES Flexibility yoga poses can easily be described as the blessing of yoga and its curse. On the blessing side, growing flexibility is a huge benefit: it promotes a range of motion and joint health that helps prevent back pain, repetitive strain injuries, and sports injuries. Yoga is more than flexible. … Read more

Beginner 2 Person Yoga Poses | Yoga Poses For Two People

Beginner 2 Person Yoga Poses

INTRODUCTION OF 2 PERSON YOGA POSES Performing yoga poses with two people is called partner yoga ,couples yoga or beginner 2 Person Yoga Poses. Yoga is an excellent way to increase and strengthen the body and help calm and calm the mind. As a certified yoga instructor for over a decade, I have been practicing … Read more

Bear pose Yoga | Yoga Sequences,Benefits

Bear pose Yoga

Introduction of bear pose yoga The Bear Pose yoga is just a variation of Utkatasana where the focus is on the extremities and hips. This posture is a powerful yoga post that requires balance, stability, and strength. ‘Utkata’ means strong and powerful in Sanskrit. This condition is alternatively called “Bear Pose” which is a different … Read more


low residue diet for colonoscopy

INTRODUCTION OF LOW RESIDUE DIET FOR COLONOSCOPY Low Residue Diet For Colonoscopy / fiber or low-fat diets are a diet whose goal is to empty your small intestine each day. Diet may be used as part of bowel preparation before a diagnostic procedure such as colonoscopy or as a temporary treatment for severe stages of … Read more

YOGA IN PARK , Stock , Photos | Best YOGA IN PARK


Introduction of YOGA IN PARK Yoga in park aims to connect people with nature, through a relaxing, energetic and breathing yoga session, to promote well-being and create a positive effect on life for all communities. Park Yoga is a charity that provides free outdoor yoga sessions around the world. Sessions run throughout the summer from … Read more

The Raw Foods Diet Before and After | Benefits and Risk

Raw Foods Diet Before and After

Introduction of raw food diet before and after Eating raw foods diet before and after back to the 1800s, but has grown in popularity in recent years. Its proponents believe that most raw foods are good for human health and have many benefits, including weight loss and better overall health. However, health experts warn that … Read more