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Looking for the best watching option for yoga on Netflix ,yoga on  Amazon Prime, and other streaming services? Yoga-related content currently ranges from instructional videos to interesting documentaries and movies about meditation and the healing benefits of yoga.

Videos on Amazon prime has lots of complete yoga practises you can do at home while watching videos. You will not find the full functionality of yoga on Netflix, but that service provides documentaries and dramas involving yoga. And yet, YouTube is the golden base for instructional videos. You can also find many yoga podcasts online.

You can watch an inspiring story about the healing power of yoga. Or the revelation of one of the most controversial figures in the history of yoga. Or a workout video designed for consistent people.

There are a few great programs and clips that yogis might be interested in. So here is our list, current as from 2022, for the top yoga on Netflix and other streaming services!

New Yoga on Netflix Shows (2022)

Photocopier (January 13, 2022)

A young woman wakes up to find that her nude photos of yesterday have been circulated online. Unable to recall the evening events, and his scholarship and reputation are at stake, he must work to preserve the truth and clear his name. This Indonesian crime mystery provides as much skepticism as it makes for social and political commentary.

 Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator (2019)

A recently published documentary worldwide for yoga mentions Bikram Choudhury. A star yoga teacher who became famous for her hot yoga.

At the top of her celebrity, yoga practitioners from around the world filled 5 star hotels with her expensive yoga instructors training. Even Hollywood celebrities lined up sweating in his so-called “torture room.” She was criticized for wearing rolex watches, her collection of luxury cars, and her arrogant personality as she exited and entered the hot yoga room.

Her fall from grace began with allegations of rape and student abuse. Even one of his former lawyers, Minakkshi Jafa-Bodden, accused him of sexual misconduct. He eventually won his entire estate, including the business of Bikram College of India. That was the best Yoga on Netfilx show.

 Ram Dass, Going Home (2017)

This short document highlights the last chapter of the life of Baba Ram Dass. After a stroke in 1997, his health deteriorated and he moved to the island of Maui in Hawaii, where he deepened his spirituality and work.

Born Richard Alpert, he became an important and influential figure in the 1960s and 70s through his pioneering research in psychedelics. The trip to India sparked his rebirth to Baba Ram Dass, a spiritual leader of millions of people around the world.

Ram Dass, Going Home is a cinema summary of his last days as he contemplates his learning about life and his soul’s journey home.

 Heal (2017) 

Various experts in the field of mind and body healing, meditation, yoga, ayurveda, and more share their experience with healing.

It also follows a deep and personal journey of healing three people with chronic illnesses. They test the limits of their beliefs and emotions and the power they have over their treatment.

The film explores the interconnectedness of science, spirituality, faith, and how human ideas can transform human reality.

 I am Maris (2018) 

Maris is a teenager whose life was full of stress, anxiety, and eating disorders. He begins to explore his deep feelings overshadowed by yoga in this film.

By the time she was 16, Maris was already a certified yoga teacher and wrote a blog about diet, yoga, and her own struggles.

The film follows Maris as a successful inspiring actor at a young age as he enters the next chapter of his life. During all that time, Maris assesses mental illness, parents with their withdrawal problems, and roaming around the world with the help of yoga.

 100 Days of Solitude / Cien Dias de Soledad (2018) 

Tired of the noise of today’s world, photographer Jose Diaz retreated to a remote mountain range in northern Spain. There he spent 100 days in a small house with horses, chickens, and no contact with anyone.

He described his experience as a journey to rediscover the connection between man and nature. Diaz is inspired by his favorite book, Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

Viewers see Diaz’s difficulty in living alone on a mountain as he misses his family and learns survival skills for the first time.

As Diaz rediscovers his place in nature, we also reflect on our place in the world.

Web Series

 Wild Wild Country (2018) 

This docu series sets the stage for a community founded in Oregon by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, better known around the world as Osho.

A rally of 50,000 sannyasin (Osho supporters) drew the outrage of the local people of Antelope, Oregon who regarded them as a sex cult. The war between them escalated into a full-scale war between gunfire and other threats, including bioterror attacks.

Six episodes of the series also introduced viewers to Ma Anand Sheela who met the new Osho and rose to become President of Rajneesh Foundation International. He was in charge of the council in Oregon and kept him drunk as he spoke for him.

 Avatar: the Last Airbender (2005)

Avatar was a very popular cartoon series that originated with Nickelodeon. It is gaining new popularity as a Netflix favorite. The series follows the adventures of Aang and his friends.

Aang is the last Avatar in the world – well versed in nature. One of the most famous episodes of the series is the one in which Aang learns to meditate so that he can learn the chakras: internal energy centers associated with various elements and qualities of self-control and self-awareness.

 Tales by Light (2015)

Tales by Light takes you on a journey around the world through the lens of three sculptors.

These photographers and filmmakers record their travels through India, Australia, Indonesia, and other lands to meet local people and immerse themselves in their culture and stories.

Celebrities like Orlando Bloom joined the series in 2018 as the Ambassador for Assistance in Writing Poor Children in Bangladesh.

 The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow (2020)

Although often accused of spreading fake science, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Lab explores alternative therapies that have been trusted by traditional cultures for generations.

From vegan eating, energy healing, female orgasm, respiratory function, and magic mushrooms, Gwyneth Paltrow and her Goop staff are exploring and exploring these unconventional healing methods themselves. The Goop staff is joined by various experts in their fields to entertain and teach each 30 minute session.


Summary: While the Hulu and yoga on Netflix streaming opportunities may be limited, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube offer plenty of instructional videos that you can use as part of your home yoga practice.

If you would like to have a DVD to watch whenever you want without having to sign up for a live streaming service, check out our list of the best yoga DVDs for beginners! And you can always learn about the history of yoga and its evolution.

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